10 Beautiful Happy Anniversary Cake Ideas for your Parents

Wedding anniversary is the anniversary of the day when a couple was bound in the beautiful relationship of marriage. It is time to celebrate love and togetherness. Your Mom and Dad’s wedding anniversary is not just about their marriage and married life it’s about how their love lead a strong foundation for you and your siblings. So it is important to show appreciation towards your parents on this special day. A delectable happy anniversary cake is important part of any Wedding Anniversary Celebration.

If it is your parent’s wedding anniversary then it is time to show how much you care and respect their sentiments and this important ceremony. As husband and wife and as your parents they truly deserve something special. Cake is important part of any celebration. Special happy anniversary cake can make your parent’s day even more memorable. Organize a three tier cake for their happy anniversary.

Delectable Happy Anniversary Cake Ideas for Your Mum and Dad

Golden Shimmer Rosette Cake

This is a great cake for wedding anniversary party celebration. This cake has textures of ribbons and rosettes with sparkling center tier. Golden Shimmer can be created with color mist food color spray. Use white icing to cover the cake with rosettes.

Metallic Painted and Tiled fondant Cake

This is one among most delectable and amazing cake for wedding anniversary party celebration. It has abstract-painted fondant design, textured tiles and gold-tipped leaves. All of the techniques are easy to do. This multilayered cake tastes amazing.

Burlap and Roses Fondant Cake   

It is a beautiful two tier square cake for wedding anniversary celebration. Use Decorator preferred fondant and fondant pattern embosser with fabric pattern roller to create this romantic cake perfect for wedding anniversaries and weddings.

Dual Toned Daisies Cake

This is an amazing cake to celebrate wedding anniversary for your parents. Fondant daisies add an artistic design to this fondant cake. It is fun and easy to cut and mold your fondant. Use fabric mold and yellow fondant to make small flower border strips.

Floral Decorum Cake

Present this romantic multi layered cake in wedding anniversary celebration. Gilded embossed fondant strips and ruffled flowers give a romantic look to this cake. Use pattern embosser with geometric pattern roller to create the texture and spray the strips generally color mist food color spray.

Fresh Floral Cake

Create a fondant with six hot colors and give them shape of tufts to create a brilliant texture. Give your cake this unique design. There are various color systems that can be used to tint bright and beautiful shades to this fondant cake.

Marsala Flower Cake

This cake is most appreciable happy anniversary cake. It is butter cream iced cake with Marsala gum paste flowers. It has a beautiful robust color. Create flowers with leaf double cut-outs and set Marsala-tinted gum paste.

Metallic Bronze Tiered Cake

This is most beautiful happy anniversary cake. Make layered cakes and prepare butter cream icing. Add texture details on this cake with pattern roller. Give metallic touches of bronze. It is a glamorous special cake for a perfect wedding anniversary.

Radiant Orchid Fondant Cake

It is an amazing happy anniversary cake. It is a beautiful cake with shades of orchid flowers and one tier completely covered with orchid icing. This is an amazing cake to serve on weddings and wedding anniversary parties.

Yummy Yellow and Green Cornelli Fondant Cake

This is yummy yellow and green fondant covered happy anniversary cake is perfect for any anniversary celebration. Its cornelli lace pattern makes it even more brighter. Prepare batter and bake and cool cake. Then prepare butter cream. Cover the cake with fondant and decorate the cake.

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