10 Romantic Happy Anniversary Celebration Ideas for Couples

Anniversary  come once a year, they deserve quite a bit of attention and a little space to make your special day memorable! Because it is the day when you both start this sweet journey and bound with each other in a strong and beautiful relation.  You must enjoy your anniversary every year with different Romantic Happy Anniversary Celebration ideas.

Couples love to be with each other and to spend time with each other. This is the biggest day of their life. It must be celebrated in a different and romantic way. While you enjoy your chosen anniversary activity be sure to keep a positive attitude and treat your partner like a king or queen on that day. Leave all arguments and just celebrate your relationship.

Romantic Happy Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Relieve your First Date

It will be really very Romantic Happy Anniversary Celebration idea to remind your first date or the day when you meet first time. You can go to same restaurant or at place where you had your first date if it is possible. But if it is not possible to celebrate at place than you can go to any another place that is similar to that place and can recreate that atmosphere. For example your first date  was at fast food sandwich restaurant in any another city but now it is not possible to go in same city to celebrate than you can go in another city’s fast food sandwich restaurant  that is near to you and can relieve your first date.

Have Your Own Personal Photo Shoot

Make a list of your favorite places around town and let have a photo shoot. It is an amazing  idea from Romantic Happy Anniversary Celebration ideas.  Go to the places that hold special meaning to you. You could stop at the place where you had your first kiss. You can also take a professional photo shooter to shoot your photos.

Recreate Your wedding Night Menu

Try to recreate your first married meal with your spouse. Work together to choose recipes or can make challenge to each other to remember menu and to shopping for that. You can also go for same flavor cake that you did cut on your marriage. It is really very sweet idea from Romantic Happy Anniversary Celebration ideas. Then you can organize a romantic candle light dinner with same menu of wedding.

Remind Your Honeymoon

It is really so romantic idea from Romantic Happy Anniversary Celebration. What can be more romantic than to celebrate your honeymoon with your anniversary? If you have time go to that hotel where you had your honeymoon and try to book same room if it is possible. So you can also spend time with each other in a different way.

Lunch Surprise

If your partner is working than you can make a lunch surprise for him/her. Call your partner’s boss and explain that today is your anniversary and you want to get him/her away from the office for the afternoon on your special day. Take him/her away for the rest of the day. Finish the evening with a drink and dancing.

Send Flowers

It is one of the great idea from Romantic Happy Anniversary Celebration ideas. If your anniversary falls on a workday and you are unable to take yourself away from the office, send him/her flowers as a reminder of your anniversary. You can also send chocolates and gift boxes. You can send basket of crackers and cheese those filled with gourmet chocolates and cookies.

Go Outside

Let you celebrate your anniversary out from the home. It is very different idea from Romantic Happy Anniversary Celebration ideas.  In this way you must get relax and a lot of time to spend with each other. If you have kids or pet leave it with elders at home. You may go out to a restaurant or to hill station to spend time with each other. Go dancing, go to a comedy club, go to a show. Getting out can be exciting and romantic way to enjoy an anniversary together.

Thought full Gift

Any celebration without gift is not possible. It is about your anniversary celebration. There must be special gift for your sweetheart. Try to give the gift which your honey can keep with him/her and remember you whenever look at it. You can gift couple watch one for you or one for your partner. You can gift a thing which your partner is demanding from long time or need that.

Handwritten Letter

Writing a love letter is very heart touching idea from Romantic Happy Anniversary Celebration. You can write about your feelings for your partner include a favorite memory or story and take the time to let him or her know how much you care. Revise your list and write the longhand on paper.

A Night at Home

Nothing can be more romantic than spending your anniversary together at home. It is really fantastic idea from Romantic Happy Anniversary Celebration. Cook a favorite food together and also make favorite super or you can order from outside. Turn of your phones and computers and rent a movie or spend the evening sorting through the year’s photograph.

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