Heavenly Awesome Decoration Ideas for First Wedding Anniversary

Wedding Anniversary is the date of wedding day. Celebrating wedding anniversary is a great idea to show your love towards your loved one. First wedding anniversary holds a special importance in every couple’s life. First anniversary is also called Paper anniversary. To plan your wedding anniversary is a great idea to let your spouse know how much you love him.

Amazing Decoration Ideas to Celebrate First Wedding Anniversary

Choose a Color Scheme

First anniversary colors are gold or yellow. Paint the hall with gold or yellow color and decorate it yellow flowers, yellow balloons, yellow buntings etc. You can also choose white or red color along with yellow. Any other color of your spouse choice can also be chosen.

Decorate the Room

Buy some heart shaped wall decorations with paper or real flowers matching the color scheme. Use table clothes, napkins and slipcovers that match the color scheme. Try to make use of Metal or glassware that matches the color scheme.

The Anniversary must Include Paper and “firsts”

Since first wedding anniversary is also known as paper anniversary it is a good idea to include paper and firsts. Because your journey of togetherness has just begun it’s a time to look back. You should include things reflecting your first date, your first fight, your first dance etc.

Balloons Galore

Get balloons of your favorite colors or wedding colors. Insert a message before blowing the balloons. Tie balloons with strings or ribbons and tie pictures and love notes on the other end of the ribbon. Place them over the bed before your sweetheart wakes up.
Photos and Candles

Decorate the room with wedding photos and soft colored candles. This is a day to remember your wedding day. A little imagination goes a long way. Photos of all the great time that you have spend together can also be used for the decoration.

Paper Treasure Hunt

Have a paper treasure hunt for your spouse. Leave clues throughout the house that lead to some planned romantic location that you have created or already exists.

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