Most Marvelous Ways to Surprise your Husband on your Anniversary

I feel that there are a very less number of things that can make a husband happy more than a well planned surprise. It happens that a gift that comes out as a surprise is far better and precious than a pre-planned and discussed gift. Only you know the things that keep your husband happy. Try surprising him with the things that give him happiness. There are many Ways to Surprise your Husband on your Anniversary to make him feel special being your husband. Have a look at those Ways to Surprise your Husband on your Anniversary and see him melting with your charm.

Terrific Ways to Surprise Husband on Anniversary

  1. Music Video for Him

    You will get a number of tools on the internet to create a music video for him. All you will have to do is collect his and your best photographs together and select the right music to be played in the background of the video.
  2. Dedicate a Song on Radio

    This idea never goes out of trend. It always feels good to have someone to dedicate a song to your on radio and is best when you are surprised. Select a song that will take your feelings to him and dedicate that to him and surprise, surprise!!!
  3. Love Notes

    Put cute love notes on everything that he uses in his daily routine. You can write things like ‘Thank you for loving me’, ‘Thank you for being there by my side’, and ‘I love you today, tomorrow and always’.
  4. Heart Breakfast

    Serve him his favorite breakfast with the love theme like heart omelette, heart waffles, heart cookies, heart idli, Indian heart shaped pizza, and even heart shaped paranthas.
  5. Dinner Party

    Nothing can surprise him more than a dinner party that has got his favorite people in it. Invite his favorite people to celebrate your special day and surprise him as soon as he comes back from the office.
  6. Dinner Date

    Plan a dinner date under the moon for him like you used to do when you two were dating. Relive the time with most special person in your life and make him feel special.
  7. Gift Him something that he Loves

    Watches, wallets, frames etc. are very common gifts to give to him. Give him something that he would be happy to own like if loves photography, gift him a camera, and if he likes music, gift him a music player.

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