10 Topmost Birthday Celebration Ideas for Teenagers

Birthday is a special occasion for everyone. Everyone wants to celebrate his birthday with a great zeal. People throw parties to gain blessings and wishes. Teenagers are also excited for the birthday like kids. Teens try to be so cool. Depending on the age of the teen, birthday can be celebrated. Parties make the birthdays memorable. There are a number of ways to celebrate a birthday of teens. Here are some Birthday Celebration Ideas for Teenagers.

Amazing Birthday Celebration Ideas For Teenagers to enjoy the Special Day

Hollywood Party

This is a great idea to celebrate birthday of a teen. Decorate the room with Hollywood posters. Give awards to the guest who have been invited in a party like Oscars. Award titles may include ‘Best dress Award’, ‘Best dancer Award’ etc.

Sports Theme Party

Send invitations like tickets. Decorate the whole room like a stadium with the helps of sports posters, sports gears and other party decorations. Organize some games and fun activities to be played at party. Some games include sports trivia, flag football etc.

Fortune Teller Party

To make the party more interesting you can hire a palm reader or tarot card reader to tell about the fortune of the guests. Teens are interested to know about their fortune. Arrange fortune cookies and star shaped cookies. Decorate whole home or party venue in this way. You can ask guest to write down horoscopes for each other.

Backyard Bash

It is a good idea to throw party in your backyard for an all out dance party. Decorate your backyard with twinkle lights and lanterns so your yard illuminates light.

Beach Party

Most Teenagers love the beach and it’s a good idea to celebrate birthday this way. Go to a local beach to celebrate birthday party of its own kind. Play games and have tasty food.

Outdoor Movie Party

It is also a great idea to celebrate birthday. It is a perfect way to enjoy nice weather with friends and watch a movie together. You only need to set up a huge projector screen in your backyard. You can also rent a projector. Invite friends ,serve food and snacks. Don’t forget popcorn and candies.

Surprise Party

It is a great idea to give your daughter or son a surprise. Make clear on invitation card that party is a surprise. Invite his/her friends and make arrangements for the party.

Casino Party

It is also a great idea to celebrate birthday. Decorate the tables of your party with poker chips, dice and playing cards. Red and Black is traditional color scheme for decorations. Fun games can be organized in the birthday party.

Chocolate Party

This is a fun way to celebrate birthday. Everyone will be interested to attend such kind of party. Plan a delicious chocolate menu for the party. Include chocolate drinks, chocolate ice cream along with chocolate cake. Play music that is related to the music.

Survivor Party

If you and your friends are of competitive nature then this is good idea to celebrate your teen’s birthday. Organize various interesting competitions of challenges at your birthday party. Determine one winner.

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