10 Exciting Mothers Day Party Games for your Guests

Mothers Day is important occasion for every mother and her children. Mothers Day is celebrated with great zest and enthusiasm all over the world. It is a day to show gratitude towards mothers. It is a day to show respect and care towards mothers and motherhood. Throwing a Mothers Day party is a wonderful idea to make mothers feel special on this wonderful occasion. People celebrate Mothers Day through numerous ways. Various Mothers Day party games can be organized to make Mother Day party a memorable event.

Various interesting games not only make the occasion exciting but also add interest to the party. Interesting games have become important part of every kind of celebration. Games add fun and entertainment to the party. Mothers Day games can be organized to make mothers special on this Mothers Day.

Entertaining Mothers Day Party Games for the Guests

Truth or Dare

This is really very interesting game to play on Mothers Day. This game is really simple and interesting. One of the person rotates the bottle and the person who is pointed towards the mouth of the bottle is asked for a truth or a dare. This is an ideal game to be played on Mothers Day because this makes people become more comfortable with each other.

Lies, Lies, Lies

It is an interesting game to be played on Mothers Day. Tell about the things that you could not accomplish last year and ask your mother if she lied that time. It is an interesting game that truly shows her love towards you. Every guest in the party can play this game.

Dumb Charades

It is an interesting Mothers Day party games that guests can play on this occasion. Divide the total number of people into two groups. One member from one group comes and people of other group tell him the name of movie. The player has to explain the name of the movie with actions. If his team members guess the name of the movie then the team scores one point.

Musical Chair

It is an interesting Mothers Day party game that can be played on the Mother Day Party. Chairs are arranged in the hall. The number of chairs is one less than the number of players. Music is played on the background. Each player has to grab one of the chairs as the music stops. Player who is unable to grab the chair is out.

Malteser Game

It is an interesting game to play on Mothers Day. Put Malteser (chocolate candies) into a bowl and place the bowl in the middle of the table. Players are made to sit around the table and a straw is given to each player. Each player gets 30 seconds to suck the malteser through the straw to his hands. The player with more malteser wins.

Ice Cubes

Divide people into teams. Each team is given a piece of ice cube which they have to pass to each other. Each player tries to melt the ice cube in its own way. The team which takes lesser time to melt the ice cube wins.

Sing Song Ping Pong

It is an easy and interesting Mothers Day party games. Divide people into teams. Decide which team will go first. One person will sing a song and member of other team has to start another song containing one of the words of the song sung by other team member. The team which fails loses.

Balloon Volleyball

This is one of most interesting Mothers Day games. This game is just like volleyball but it is safe compared to volleyball. If any team fails to hit the balloon or the balloon touches the floor, the opposite team scores a point.

Dancing Chain

This is one of most interesting Mothers Day Party games to be played on Mother Day. Players stand in a circle, and one of the players makes a dance move. Everyone has to copy this dance more once the entire circle has done it, the player next to first players starts another move.

Laughing Game

This is interesting game to be played on Mothers Day party. Get everyone seated in a circle around the table. One of the players tries to make other people laugh with jokes or other things. The player who laughs is out.

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