10 Homemade Mothers Day Gift Crafts that Kids can make on their own

Mothers day is a day to thank and appreciate mothers. It is celebrated on 2nd Sunday in the month of May in most of the countries. It is a day to respect mothers and motherhood. It started in Greek and UK for the first time but now it is has become famous in all over the world including India. People give gifts, throw a party and appreciate mothers in their own way. No word can thank mothers and no gift can equalize what mothers do for us, but celebrating mothers day is a way to show mothers how much we care and respect them. Homemade Mothers Day Gift Crafts make the day more special for mum and children as well.

People celebrate Mothers Day to show respect towards mothers. People celebrate mothers day in different ways. Mothers day is all about celebrating the magnificent woman who has given so much to us and never expected anything in return. Mothers take care of their children and forget to think about themselves. What ever we do for our moms is always less.

Mother is very important part of every kid’s life. Kids learn a lot of things from their mothers. A Mother is the first teacher for a kid. For a mother her child comes first than her own self. Kids are specially attached with their mums. Every Kid wants to gift something special on Mothers Day. Home made gifts can make Mothers Day memorable for any mother. So here are some homemade Mothers Day gift crafts that kids can make on their own and present to their mothers on this special occasion.

Handmade Mothers Day Gift Crafts that Kids can Create Themselves

Handmade Bouquet

Handmade Flower Bouquet will surely make your mom happy on this Mothers Day. To create flowers, cut corners of colored cardstock in shape of hearts and attach them on green sticks. Place button in middle of each flower. Make a lot of flowers and put these in a simple flower vase.

Collage Family Portrait

Collage Family Portrait is one of unique Mothers Day gift crafts that kids can create easily. It is simple and easy to create a Collage Family Portrait for your mother on this Mothers Day. Draw paintings of your family and fill it with water colors. Use 3-D collage elements. Create by placing photos in different shapes.

Monogram for Mom

Monogram is easy to create and your mum will surely like it. First of all buy a wooden letter preferable M. Paint it using your favorite colors. Decorate it with ribbons, papers, buttons etc.

Hand Drawn Mothers Day Card

To make hand drawn card fold the construction paper in shape of card. Draw pictures for Mom. Write special words for her. If you are a artist then decorate the card with cuttings and beautiful drawings. Display the card in a jumbo wooden clothespin.

Creative Mugs for Mom

To make mugs creative draw designs with permanent markers or use a craft paper decorate it and paste it on mugs. This thoughtful gift will certainly make your mothers memorize you even after Mothers Day.

Hand Painted Flower Pots

This homemade craft will certainly make your Mom delighted on this Mothers Day. Take a flower pot made of clay and paint it. Draw various designs to make it look crafty and beautiful. You can also plant some flowers in it.

Hand Print Aprons

If your mother is a great cook and wears apron while cooking then it is a good idea to gift her apron designed with Hand prints. Just take a white apron, paint your hands and make designs. This will look appealing to your mother.

Mothers Day Gift Jar

You can turn any ordinary glass jar into a Mothers day gift Jar. Write love notes on paper fold them and place them into jar. You can also draw painting likes shapes of heart around the corners. To make label for the jar, write ‘I Love You Mum’ and draw hearts. Paste it with the help of glue.

Pencil Holder for Mom

Take a ordinary food can and convert it into a pencil holder with the help of paper, pictures, ribbon, buttons etc. Loosely tie some pens and pencils in a ribbon and place them into this holder.


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