7 Enjoyable and Entertaining Mothers Day Game Ideas

Mothers Day is a Day to Appreciate Mothers and Motherhood. It is a day to thank mothers for everything they have done for us. We all know the importance of mothers in our life. A mother is very important and needed in every child’s life. There are a lot of ways to make your mother feel special. Surprise her with thoughtful gifts and plan something special for this amazing person. Here are some mothers day Game ideas. Games which you can play with Mom and other family members

Compelling Mothers Day Game Ideas to Play

Mom Quiz

This is an interesting game to play with your mother and other family members. Let your mother ask some questions about herself. example what is her favorite color, dish, movie. This game will help kids to show Mom how well they know her.

Awards Night

This game will make your mother feel like a star. Make a list of different kinds of awards that you want to give your mother. Some of the awards could be, ‘Word’s Best Mom’, ‘Extraordinary Cook’, ‘Most Kind Person’ etc.


It is good idea to organize interview with your Mom on Mothers Day. Call it ‘Coffee with Mom’ or give it any other name. You can record the event and take a few pictures as well. This way you can know about her childhood, friends, teachers etc.

Balloon Stomp

Write down several things that you want do for your Mom in the upcoming days or weeks. Fold the papers with the things written on them. Insert each paper into a balloon before inflating. Scatter the balloons. Set a timer for one minute and let the mom to collect as many balloons as she can. Then she can claim whatever she wants and when.

Whose Mom is it?

Give each mom a piece of paper and a pen. Ask her to write about three things she did before having kids. One person will read this out. The kids will guess about the Mom. Kids will win a prize if they correctly guess their Mom.

Mommy Bingo

Change the traditional game of Bingo to suit your Mom’s personality with homemade bingo cards. Place the word ‘Momy’ across the top of the card and fill the boxes with things about Mom like her favorite color, food or song. Place the cut out boxes in a bowl and mix them to use as calling pieces to play the game.

Other Indoor and Outdoor Games

To celebrate mothers day you can play various outdoor and indoor games that your mother likes. Play chess, carom, card or any other game that your mother likes. Spend a lot of time with her.

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