10 Hassle-Free Birthday Food Recipe Ideas for Husband

No matter how old we grow the excitement for the birthday never ends. All of us are so excited and eager about birthdays. Birthday is a special day for everyone. Birthday tell about our growth. It is time to think what we have learned in one year and how much change in there in our personalities. At each birthday one grow one year older. To celebrate birthday is way to enjoy with friends and family. Food, cake and gifts main attraction of any birthday party. Different  birthday food recipe ideas add more fun to birthdays.

Birthday is a day to celebrate with our family and friends. This is a day to gain wishes and blessings. People wish for our happiness and long life on this special occasion. People celebrate birthdays in different ways. Some people throw a party while some find unique ways to celebrate their birthdays. Wishes and gift from loved ones also have importance on this special occasion.  If you have a loved one then your birthdays become more special.

If it’s your loved one’s birthday, then you can make it more special with thoughtful gifts and ideas. Preparing special meals with love is also a good idea to make your loved one cheerful and delighted. If your husband’s birthday is near and you don’t have any idea where to begin then start with interesting meals. Prepare some interesting foods on this special occasion. You can also try some new recipes to leave him wondering. Bring on birthday breakfast, lunch or dinner with amazing recipes. Try different birthday food recipe ideas to make your husband amazed.

Delicious Birthday Food Recipe Ideas to Amaze your Husband

Maxican Pizzas

Maxican Pizza is an amazing recipe to be prepared on your husband’s birthday. Maxican Pizzas are amazing corn tortillas which are normally topped with beans, beef and other delicious toppings. These can be cut and served as appetizers. They can also be served as main meal.

Spinach Balls

To prepare spinach Balls spinach is mixed with Parmesan cheese, butter, eggs, stuffing mix and other interesting spices. The mixture formed is rolled into balls and baked. These can be served with sauce or curd.

Macaroni  Cheese

It is delicious food to serve on birthdays. It is amazing and easy recipe to cook. Cook macaroni according to the instructions provided in the packet. Take a saucepan and melt butter in it. Add flour and stir. Add milk slowly. Add grated cheese in it. Stir until cheese is melted. Pour this sauce into macroni  and stir well. Serve with salad.

Sweet Potato Gnudi with Sage Butter

‘Gnudi’ are dumplings and sweet potato gnudi are dumplings made from sweet potato and finished with sage butter. It is a mouth watering dish to be served on birthdays.

Asparagus Cashew Rice Pilaf

Tender asparagus and cashews are toasted and combined with seasoned jasmine rice and cooked pasta. Amazing dish to prepare and serve. It is so tasty that you can’t stop eating it. It is great vegetarian dish.

Amazing Thai Tofu

it is one of amazing birthday food Recipe ideas. It is an amazing dish to prepare and serve. Prepare thai tofu with peanut and ginger for an amazing taste. Serve this over white rice.

Foreign Devil Fried Rice

This recipe for fried rice is actually worth making. This dish can be prepared within half an hour. It can be made with dried bean curd, black fungus, black mushrooms, basmati rice eggs and vegetables of your own choice.

Spring Rolls with Carrot Ginger Sauce

Take delicate rice paper wrappers and roll red bell pepper, beets, carrots, and other boiled vegetables. Serve with sauce.

Scallion Pancakes

Scallion Pancakes is a delicious Chinese dish. Flatbread is folded with oil and minced scallions. These pancakes are prepared from dough instead of batter. Ingredients like fennel greens and fennel seeds are sometimes added along with green onions.

Spaghetti with Herbs, Chilies and Eggs

It is a delicious food to be served on birthday of your loved one. It can be easily prepared with spaghetti, spices, eggs and some vegetables. Cook spaghetti according to the instructions in the packet. Cook eggs in a separate pan and cook until whites are set. Place the eggs on spaghetti.


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