Amazing DIY Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Birthday celebrations are important for everyone. It is a way to get blessings and wishes from friends, family and elders. Gifts from loved ones also hold a special importance. Celebrating birthday is a good idea to socialize with friends and family. Now a days it has become a common trend to throw a party on birthday.  A child’s birthday is most important for parents because it is the day when their child came into their life. Here are some amazing DIY birthday party ideas for kids.

Outstanding Birthday Party Ideas for Kids to Celebrate Birthday

Rock Star Party

This is one among most exciting birthday party ideas for kids.Let the kids turn rock stars for a day with a party like this. Guests should receive special VIP passes as invitations. Activities should include singing, a guitar and tattoos. Everyone should dress up like rock stars. The party should be celebrated with all other party essentials.

Art Party

Everyone especially children love to do new things. Professional artist teaches how to draw and paint different items. This is accompanied with foods, cakes and ice creams.

Pool Party

Pool Parties are liked by children of every age group. You don’t need to limit them to summer time. Many indoor public pools like athletic clubs and other spots can be rented. An hour in the pool is enough for all the fun. Some time should be given to cake, ice cream and foods. You will find a smile of every child’s face.

Movie Party

Every child and teens love party. Throw the movie of your child’s favourite category in your living room, backyard or in a rented theatre. Movie themed printable should be ordered like invitations, tags, bottle wrappers, popcorn boxes and welcome signs. This kind of party should be thrown if your child is a movie lover. Gifts, foods and cakes which are part of every party should be included as well.

Hit the Big city

birthday boy or girl’s close friends should be invited. Divide them into groups and take them out. They should be taken to closest big city and get a lunch there. Child’s favorite places can be included.

Pizza Party

A Pizza themed party could be thrown. Let the Birthday boy or girl design their own personal pie. Buy some packages of pre-made pizza crust and let the kids become pizza chefs for a day. Complete the party with a pizza pie for dessert. Pizza themed printables should be included.

Candy Shop Party

Every kid loves candy. A candy theme party can be organized for the child’s birthday. Candy topped cupcakes, ice cubes and candies should be included in decoration and foods. Select your child’s favorite candy for the party.


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