Most Amusing Happy Birthday Decoration Ideas for Kids

Birthday is an important occasion for every kid. It is a day for which a kid waits for so long. Children get excited to celebrate their birthdays many days earlier. There are many ways to celebrate a Kids birthday. Decorations can transform any party into bash and make your kids day. Here are some amusing happy birthday decoration ideas for kids birthday party. No matter whether you are decorating a room or backyard these ideas are equally helpful.

Wonderful Happy Birthday Decoration Ideas for Kids Birthday Party

Hanging Paper Flowers

Ceiling decorated with hanging paper flowers look amazing. It is neither tough nor expensive to create such hanging paper flowers. These look amazing and make party look beautiful. One can create these hangings easily. These decors can also be bought from market.

Emoji Balloons

This decoration has become part of almost every party. It is basic decoration. You can make it interesting using emoji balloons or put confetti before blowing these balloons. Just take balloons of different colors to decorate the house.You can also use transparent balloons filled with confetti to decorate the house.

Flower Pots for Cutleries

Flower Pots can be used to place Cutleries like knives, forks instead of scattering here and there. This is an interesting way to decorate a party. The party looks more neat and beautiful.

Ribbon Lanterns

Ribbon lanterns can be used to decorate birthday party. These look beautiful and light up birthday party. It is easy to create ribbon lanterns. These can be bought from market as well.


Candles can be used to decorate party in beautiful way. To make them look more beautiful you can can use glitter. Coat the bottom of the candles in glue and dip them into glitter. These decorate the party venue amazingly.


Garlands can be used to decorate wall of your house. Garlands can be easily created at home. Photos of the birthday boy or girl can be used in the garlands to make party look more amazing. Happy birthday garland can be prepared with cardboard rings and letter stickers.

 Cartoon Posters

The party venue can be decorated with posters of your kids favorite superhero or cartoons such as mickey mouse, Tom and Jerry or mermaid. These posters add fun to the party and make the little one happy.

Flower Stands

White cake stands look good in a party. These can look more even more amazing if decorated with flowers. This will look amazing and make party look more beautiful.

Chalkboard Food and Drinks Menu

Any surface can be transformed into this funny menu with chalkboard and Mat. You can easily prepare it with chalkboard Mat and Markers. Write the drinks and foods name which are going to be served at the party with markers.

Cup Cake Liner Flower Lights

This is one among great Happy Birthday Decoration Ideas to decorate the house. Interior as well as exterior of the house can be beautifully decorated with these kind of lights. All you need is cupcake liners to decorate house amazingly. These make look party fancy and decorative. The party gets up lighted up beautifully with these lights.


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