Incredible Happy Independence Day Quotes to spread the Happiness of the Occasion

Indian Independence is celebrated on 15th of August every year with great zeal and enthusiasm. This time, our country will be celebrating its 70th Independence Day. The day is to feel proud of your own country and let people around you also share the passion with you. To make everyone feel special being a part of the Independent India, share with them a number of Happy Independence Day Quotes and see the happiness spreading.

The day is an important day for the Indian citizens because on this day their country attained freedom from the British rule. It is a big day and hence, its celebrations also need to be grand. On our part, we can celebrate it by sharing the Happy Independence Day Quotes with our friends and family. Every Happy Independence Day Quotes has its own meaning and every quote will fill you with great pride and zest.

Extraordinary Happy Independence Day Quotes for the Celebrations

  1. “Even if I died in the service of the nation, I would be proud of it.
    Every drop of my blood will contribute to the growth of this nation
    And to make it strong and dynamic.
    Happy Independence Day.”
  2. “Let’s Take Decision To Value Our Nation
    Won’t Forget Those Sacrifices, Who Gave Us Freedom
    Now It’s Our Turn To Have A Reformation.
    Happy 70th Independence Day to All 
    Lets Celebrate This Day.
    The Day That Gave Us The Freedom Of Thought, Action, Faith n Speech.”
  3. “Every human has four endowments – self-awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom… The power to choose, to respond, to change. Happy Independence Day!”
  4. “Let us celebrate & enjoy the freedom to live
    independently in our country Cheerfully,
    Helpfully,Hopefully,Peaceful by remembering
    our National Heroes who gave us Freedom after suffering pain & humiliation.
    A Proud Indian {HaPpY InDePeNdEnCe DaY}”
  5. “Thousands laid down their lives so that our country breath this day Never forget their sacrifice, Happy Independence Day to all.”

  6. “Wish you all 70th happy independence day
    May our country progress in everywhere and in everything
    So that the whole world should have proud on us
    Hindustan Jindabad”

  7. “Freed0m: Free f0r s0meone, C0stly f0r others. Independence Day is here on our doors, come 0n let’s see 0ur flag rise high With0ut freedom, no 0ne really has a name. Happy Independence Day!”

  8. “Thy spirit, Independence, let me share! Lord of the lion-heart and eagle-eye, Thy steps I follow with my bosom bare, nor heed the storm that howls along the sky. Happy Independence Day!”

  9. “31 $tate$,
    1618 Language$,
    6400 Ca$te$,
    6 Rel!g!on$,
    6 Ethn!c Group$,
    29 Major fe$t!val$ & 1 Country!
    Be Proud to be an !nd!an!
    Happy !ndependence Day. 15th Augu$t !ndependence Day !!”

  10. “Our life is full of colours.I hope this 15th August 2016 will. add more colours to your life. Happy Independence Day.”

  11. “If there is one place on the face of earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India! Happy Independence Day!”

  12. “Happy happy independence day to all who visit this site.
    Freedom in the Mind,
    Faith in the words.
    Pride in our Souls.
    Let’s salute the Nation on 70th Independence Day!”

  13. “No nation is perfect,
    it needs to be made perfect!
    Happy Independence Day.”

  14. “Other might have forgotten, But never can I, The Flag of my country Furls very high, Happy Independence Day.”

  15. “Feel the pride of being the part of such a glorious nation.
    Here’s sending my warm patriotic wishes to make this day truly memorable. Happy Independence Day!”

  16. “At the dawn of history India started on her unending quest, and trackless centuries are filled with her striving and the grandeur of her success and her failures. Through good and ill fortune alike she has never lost sight of that quest or forgotten the ideals which gave her strength. Happy Independence Day!”

  17. “India conquered and dominated China culturally for 20 centuries without ever having to send a single soldier across her border! Be Proud to be an Indian! Happy Independence Day!”

  18. “Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, the spirit of men and so it must be daily earned and refreshed – else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots, it will wither and die. Happy Independence Day!”

  19. “Long year$ ago, we made a try$t w!the de$t!ny and now the time come$ when we $hall redeem our pledge. Happy Independence Day to all!”

  20. “Liberty is always dangerous, but it is the safest thing we have.Happy Independence Day!”

The day is meant to be happy and cheerful and spread it as well. The quotes will do the task for you, so forward these as much as you can.


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