Superlative Happy Holi Decoration Ideas for Office

Holi is a festival of colors and love. It is celebrated in the month of March every year. People spray colors and hug each other on this festival. Holi is one of leading festivals in India. Holi is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm in India and is becoming quite famous outside India as well. Holi celebrations have their own importance in home as well as in workplace. Here are some Holi Decoration Ideas for Office.

Marvelous Happy Holi Decoration Ideas for Office For Fun


One way to celebrate holi is to decorate the workplace with flowers. Decorate the office with colorful flowers and place them at various places. Flower petals can also be used to make Rangoli designs. Decorate office with colourful bouquets.


Download various Happy Holi images and set them as Screensaver in every desktop.

Colorful Chairs

Office can be decorated with colorful chairs for a day. It will be a fun idea to celebrate holi in the office.

Colorful Rangoli Designs

Various Rangoli designs could be created with colors, Gulaal or flower petals. These designs could be made on plates and placed on each table. Rangoli designs can be made on lesser used space in the office.

Colorful Sweets

Colorful sweets should be placed on each desk to celebrate holi. This is a good way to decorate office.

Table Covers

Tables should be decorated with colorful table covers and decorated with colorful flower vases. Colorful plates containing different colorful patterns can also be placed on tables.

Colorful Balloons

Office can be decorated with colorful balloons. Balloons can be filled with Gulaal or colorful flowers.

Colorful Wall hangings

Office can be decorated with colorful wall hangings. Different colorful cards can be used for this purpose or special colorful wall hangings can be bought from market.

Paper BuntingsSuperlative Happy Holi Decoration Ideas for Office

Outdoor of the office can be decorated with colorful paper buntings. Inside of the office can also be decorated this way.


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