Malayalam New Year 2016, Malayalam New Year Sayings, Cards, Images

The Malayalam New Year is one of the most important and pious festival that is celebrated the Indian state of Kerala. The Malayalam New Year is celebrated on the first day of the month of Medam according to the Malayalam calendar. As per the English calendar, Malayalam New Year falls in the month of April and is mostly observed on 14th of April. It is also called as the Vishu festival. The Malayalam New Year is mostly celebrated in the state of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and the Tulu Nadu region of Karnataka.

The Malayalam New Year also marks the observation of Mesha Sankraman or Mesha Sankranti as during this time sun goes to the zodiac Aries or the Mesha rashi. There are a number of traditions and rituals associated with the celebration of the Malayalam New Year. The festival is celebrated to welcome the new beginnings and new aspirations. People celebrate the festival by sending Malayalam New Year Sayings, Cards and Images to their loved ones.

Malayalam New Year Sayings

  1. Vellari pravinte swara maduriyum  Thulasi kadirinte nairmalliyavum  Thumba poovinte parushudhiyum mazhi vann ente hrdayam kizhadakkiya ente priya petta thozhikku orayiram navavalsarashamsakal

  2. Snehavum Santhoshavum Samadanavum Nanmayum Ni
    ranja Nalla Nalukal Ee Puthuvarsham Ninaku
    Sa mmanikatte.. “HaPpY NeW YeAr”

  3. Jeevithathil palathum
    Nashtapettekam pinneedu
    Palathum nedaanayekam, pakshe. . . ?
    Nediyathonnum nashtamayathinu
    . Orikkalum.
    Athu pole thanne ee Varsham namukku nashtamavunnu..
    Nedunna adutha Varsham orikkalum pakaramavunnilla nashtamavunna ee varshathinu…

  4. Next Year is at the door? 
    Life is short, break the rules, 
    Forgive quickly, 
    love truly, 
    laugh uncontrollably, 
    never regret anything that made you smile.

  5. Thammil Naam Kanunnillenkilum;
    Oru Vaakku Mindunnillenkilum;
    Akale Aanenkilum;
    Manasukondu Njan Ninnodoppam Undakum.
    Happy New Year!!

  6. Puthiya dinam,
    Puthiya varsham,
    Puthiya thudakkam,
    Puthiya pratheekshakal,
    Ee 2015 sarva aishwaryangalum
    Niranjathaakatte !!
    Wish you a very Happy New Year

  7. Rejoice, For God In His Infinite
    Mercy Has Wipped Off Your Tears.
    Go Ye Into Your Year Of Blessings
    & Unlimited Favors From Heaven Above!
    Happy New Year

  8. We wish you the best year In the New Year,
    we wish you the best year you’ve ever had,
    and that each New Year
    will be better than the last.
    May u realize your fondest dreams
    and take time to recognize and enjoy
    each and every blessing.
    Happy New Year,
    And many more!

  9. Ooro puthu varsham varumbozhum orupaad swapnangal nashtapettitte ollu … Nashtangalude kanaku pusthakathil ee varsham undavalle ennu njan aagrahikunnu.. Ullile pedi kondanenkilum njan varavelkam ee puthu varshathe…

  10. Ormakal ennum snehikunna manasinte
    Aa vedhanakal hridayathil
    snehikkan kazhiyoo…..
    So keep ur
    memories in ur heart.
    I love you so much.

Malayalam New Year Cards

Malayalam New Year Images

We too wish you a very Happy Malayalam New Year! May the New Year brings with it a lot of happiness and success in your life.

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