10 Entertaining Mothers Day Games for Kids and their Mums

Mothers Day is a day to have fun with mothers. It is a day to show mothers how much we care and respect them. It is a day to say thanks to mothers for all the services they have provided. Mothers Day is celebrated with zeal and gaiety all over the world. Mothers Day is a day to spend time with mothers and pamper them through various ways. There are numerous Mothers Day games that can be played to add fun to the occasion.

Games add fun and excitement to any celebration. Kids are so excited to play games with their mothers. It might be a good idea to organize various games on Mothers Day that kids can play with their Moms. If you are looking for interesting games to play on Mothers Day then here are some awesome Mothers Day games that can be played to have fun.

Exciting Mothers Day Games for Kids and Mothers to Have Fun

Mother, May I?

It is one of interesting Mothers Day games that can be played for entertainment. Kids have to stand 20 feet away from mother. Then mother takes name of a child and says, “You may take four baby steps”, then the child says, “Mother May I”. The child who forgets to say “Mother, May I” has to start from finishing line once again. The kid who reaches to the mother first wins the game.

Name That Mom

It is one of enjoyable Mothers Day games that can be played to add fun and zeal on this occasion. It is a simple quiz game in which children have to guess name of famous moms with few clues.

Who’s Kiss

Blindfold Mom and ask few children to kiss her on cheek. Mother has to guess the kiss of her own child. It is an interesting Mothers Day game that can be played on this special occasion.


It is one of amazing Mothers Day games. To play, set up a sheet in a such way that if someone is standing behind, you can see only their shadow. You can then ask mothers to stand behind the sheets and their children to identify them.

Identifying Mom

It is one of interesting Mothers Day games to play on Mothers Day. Children have to recognize their mums through their childhood and teen photos. Pictures of various girls are shown to them and they have to identify their own mom.

Mom Quiz

It is an interesting game to be played on Mothers Day. In this game mothers ask questions about themselves like “What is my favorite color”, “Which is my favorite Movie”. Children need to guess it correctly.


You can organize an interview with your mom and give it any name like “Coffee with Mom”. You can ask various questions from your mom related to her childhood. This game provides you an opportunity to know many things about your Mom that you don’t know.

Know it all Game

It is an interesting game to be played on Mothers Day. First of all few questions are asked from children related to their mothers. After that, mothers are asked same questions. If all the answers match kid is given a prize. Afterwards, mothers are asked questions related to their children and the same procedure is repeated.

Awards Night

It is an interesting game to be played on Mothers Day. You can make your mom feel like a star through this game. Make a list of different kinds of awards that you want to give to your mother such as “Best Cook”, “Kindest Person” etc. Ask your mother to give a speech after each award.

Whose Mom is It?

It is one of very interesting Mothers Day games. Give each Mom a piece of paper and pen. Then Mothers are asked to write down three things about her. Children have to guess their own Mom with these clues.

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