Creative DIY Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Mothers from Kids

Mothers day is celebrated to honor mothers and motherhood. A mother holds a special place in every child’s life. There are no words to thank mothers and no gift can equalize what mothers do for us. Gifting something creative to please mothers is  a dream of every child who loves his mother. The place of mothers is next to God.  Every child wants to gift something creative to his mother.  Here are some creative Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Mothers from Kids.

Fascinating Mothers Day Gift Ideas for Mothers on Mothers Day

Love Filled Flowers

Cut craft paper into heart shaped petals and circle and paste them together to give a look of flower. Place buttons in the centre.

Foam Vase

To create foam vase you need colored craft foam, craft foam flowers, glue, double sided sticky tape. Cut out a rectangle and a circle from foam and roll into a tube and use the double sided tape to join. Glue the foam flowers together to create a craft foam base.

Flower Craft

Use magazine papers to to create a craft like this. You need scissors, magazines ruler and pipes. Cut slices from magazine paper and join both the ends using glue or a tape. Join them all together to give shape of flower. Place buttons in between. Attach pipes to the flowers with glue or tape.

Decorated Cookie Box

Heart shaped decorative cookie box is even sweeter then the cookies placed inside. Children can create various design using contact paper cut outs and paints.

Mother’s Day Paper Weights

Take a stone and cover it with fabric scraps. Create some design and paste it on the paper weight. Your mom will certainly like to place it on her desk as paperweight.

Heart Stitched Card

This is an amazing gift to design and give. You need a greeting card paper, needle and thread. Stitch the paper in the shape of heart.

Clay Photo Holder

Many kids enjoy working with clay. Roll the clay into a large wall cut the angles off and paint it with your favorite color. This is an amazing gift to give on mother’s day.


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