DIY Mothers Day Craft Ideas for Kids to make

For kids, their world revolves around their mothers. For them their mothers are everything. They tend to see their mothers by their side in every situation of their lives. Mothers Day is a very special day for kids. They plan a lot of things to make their mothers feel happy. I have with me some Mothers Day Craft Ideas for Kids that kids will love to try out and their mothers will love to have such wonderful gifts from their loving kids. Fathers may help their kids in trying out these Mothers Day Craft Ideas for Kids so that the kids will work under supervision.

Try out these Amazing Mothers Day Craft Ideas for Kids

  1. Handmade Crown

    Turn your mother into a queen for one day with the crown that you can make for your mother at home. You will only need construction paper, scissors, and some flair like glitter, pom-poms and crayons to make the crown.
  2. ‘I Love You’ Card

    The requirements for creating this art project are construction paper, glue, and scissors. You will have to cut out your hand shape out of the construction paper and then, paste it in a way that it says ‘I Love You’ to your mother.
  3. Lollypop Bouquet

    If your mother has a sweet tooth, this is the perfect gift for her. Use your mother’s favorite lollipop flavors and put around a cupcake liner or other paper in a way of making the lollipop a flower.
  4. Celery Rose

    When you cut the stalk of the celery, it resembles a rose. So paint the cut part of the celery and take its impression on a paper or card and gift it to your mother.
  5. Tin Can Lanterns

    If kids are grown enough to use the drill and tin cans, then this is the perfect gift you can make. Kids can drill holes in the tin cans in a picturesque way. Then, put in a light source and see the dazzling craft.
  6. Popsicle Stick Flowers and Flower Box

    This is indeed an easy craft to make. You will only require Popsicle sticks, Liquid Water Color, your mother’s photo, Card board, buttons, gems, glitter glue, card stock letters, Hot Glue, Styrofoam Block, Cups for your liquid water color and Glue.
  7. Page Corner Bookmarks

    If your mother is a book lover, this is the perfect gift for her. Prepare some cute bookmarks for her using pretty paper of cardstock weight or a combination of plain cardstock and pretty, decorated lighter weight paper, scissors, ruler, mechanical pencil, glue stick along with other decorating tools, such as crayons, markers, stamps, stickers, ink pads, and embossing powder.


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